Why you need to learn selenium for your career development:

selenium training

Nowadays career is more important in the IT field, or you want to grow from being a manual tester to becoming an automation tester. Then choose the selenium to build your career. Selenium is one of the most effective automation tools for teenagers to extend their careers. Selenium training is designed to train people and manual testers to study how to automate web applications with a framework and integrate them within the organization’s process. If you begin to use selenium training online, then it takes a while. To make this job easy and simple, you have to learn selenium. Most of the industry is seeking selenium-certified professionals.

Open source or free tool:

Selenium is an open tool which means anybody can use it for free. So any industry can use selenium to test their web application or websites, and even individual programmers can practice and learn automation testing using selenium web drivers. The problem with other tools is that they are licensed tools, or their functionality is not as good as selenium.

Multiple programming language support:

This is the most important factor for any programmer to get into the automation testing domain. Most tools in the market need you to be trained in several programming languages. Such as Java, C# are among the common languages required by various tools. But with selenium, will not face any restrictions. Even if you are skilled in one of these languages, then you can immediately start your career.

Availability of frameworks:

These are very similar to templates. You can make little modifications to the code as per your requirements for various conditions instead of making wholesale changes. There are many frameworks like data-driven testing, hybrid testing, keyword-driven testing, module-driven testing, and more.

Distributed and parallel testing:

selenium training

Many selenium test cases can be executed on remote machines or in parallel on the same machine. Selenium is used for executing the test cases on remote machines. By performing distributed and parallel testing, you may save time running tests and executing the tests on the same machine or executing the tests on web servers.

Flexibility while designing test:

Designing test cases on selenium, you have the flexibility to design it either via programming or by playback and record approach. Selenium web driver can be used to write logic using programming languages. You can use selenium IDE to record your tests and export them later into the programming of your own choice to execute as a web driver test.

Bottom line:

Many training academies help learn selenium, and it is one of the top and best automation testing tools. This helps to make an expert in selenium components. While training, you will excel in automation testing for website applications and selenium architecture, etc. You can work on multiple projects with this selenium training.

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