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Testing is something that is very important for today’s digital enterprises to compete with the present business market and user requirements. When it comes to testing, automation testing is one of the software testing methods. This automation testing makes the testing simpler and easier for the testing teams. There are many automation tools for the test, but selenium always stands first in the list. Selenium is a highly flexible tool used to automate the testing of the web application. Those who are willing to start their carrier in the testing field can learn selenium. But before getting into the field, you need to know about it. Read this article to know more about selenium. 

Selenium suite of tools

There various tools available in the selenium suite that includes

Selenium IDE

Expansion of IDE is Integrated Development Environment that is a firefox plugin. It is developed using JavaScript, and this enables it to interact with the Document Object Model that is DOM by using the native JavaScript calls. Selenium is one of the simplest frameworks in the selenium suite. Selenium IDE allows the users to record and playback the script that they perform.

Selenium RC

Expansion of RC is Remote Control. The Selenium RC is also called Selenium 1. It mainly relies on JavaScript for automation. Selenium supports python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, and JavaScript, and almost it supports every browser.

Selenium WebDriver

WebDriver came into use due to certain limitations of Selenium 1.The reasons why testers and developers use WebDriver is it directly communicates with the browser and controls it. Java, C#, Perl, Ruby, Python and JavaScript are some WebDriver supported programming languages.

Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid is initially called HostedQA, which is initially a part of Selenium v1. It is the tool that is used together with the Selenium RC. Selenium Grid is used to run tests on various machines against different browsers simultaneously. Selenium Grid is still in use, and it works with both WebDriver and Selenium RC. 

Difference between Selenium 1 and Selenium 2

Just now, you have seen that Selenium RC is also called Selenium 1. Some features of Selenium 1 and Selenium 2 are listed below.

Selenium 1

  • Selenium 1 does not support the HTML units. It only supports real browsers. 
  • Selenium 1 need a graphical desktop environment, and it follows the approach based on JavaScript.
  • The user needs a proxy application to control the browser in Selenium 1.

Selenium 2

  • It is developed from the WebDriver Project and Selenium 1.
  • It supports all the browsers, including mobile browsers of Android and iPhone.

Bottom line

You can learn selenium over other testing tools due to its platform portability, flexibility and it an open-source testing tool, etc. 

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